Easter Hols Part 1

We have been sooooo busy but that’s the way I love it!  Earlier in the week I posted my ‘zoo in pictures’ post which captured a special day out I had with my son (I still need to write the full post – watch this space!). I thought it would be lovely to capture some of the other things we have done so far.  I’m really appreciating the extra time I’m getting with the kids, it was really worth taking the time off from work.

Heres one more picture from the zoo though, just for the sake of it!



On Wednesday we met with my mum at a little garden centre near where we live and she treated us to a lush lunch.  They do an amazing jacket potato with feta and roasted vegetables! After we had lunch we had a walk around the garden centre and looked at the plants.  My hubby and I want to get an apple tree for the back garden, so I spent a little time looking at the different varieties.  It was pointed out to me that for one tree we would need a self fertilising tree if we wanted fruit, so I learnt something!  My boy loved looking at the plants, especially the blueberry plants.  I said we would get one but we needed to get some special compost – lime free (something else I learnt!).  He also enjoyed all the flowers, saying they were all ‘pretty’ and ‘lovely’ (cutie pie!).  After the garden centre we went for a walk around the meadow next door and I enjoyed watching my boy running and collecting sticks.  My mum and him had fun looking for wild life and my boy spotted a rabbit!






On Thursday we went to my best friends house for the night (just me & the kids-hubby was working).  I’ve never driven there myself as hubby normally does so the sat Nav was needed! They live about an hour away and luckily the kids slept.  Part of the journey was over the moors and it was so peaceful and lovely (especially with the kids asleep!).  My friend has two children, a girl and a boy of similar ages to mine and they all get along really well, so it’s great. When we got there we went for a short walk to the park and The girls loved the swings and the boys loved kicking a ball around.  When we got back to the house the kids cosyed up on the sofa and watched ‘The Lion King’. I really enjoyed watching it too – one of my favs!




On Friday we all woke up early, too early, especially as my friend and I had a late night drinking wine and catching up! When will we learn!.  5.20am the girls decided to wake up and the boys at 6am.  My little girl came in to bed with me and dozed for a while and I really enjoyed the cuddle time despite the time! I was on the blow up bed downstairs so eventually they all came down and piled into bed with me. Quite sweet really. The kids all had breakfast together at the table in their pyjamas and they looked so grown up all together.  The weather was shocking so we decided to head for a soft play den so they could all run off some Steam.  Everyone obviously had the same idea as it was super busy and crazy! I think the kids were all really tired though as they were a bit whingy! My little girl had her first experience of a ball pool (albeit a baby one) and she loved watching the lights.  After a quick stop lunch with slightly whingy kids and general chaos (food & drink spilt everywhere!) we said our goodbyes and headed home.  We all missed daddy loads so all had lots of cuddles and kisses when we got home! It was a lovely little trip and I’ve so enjoyed watching the kids have such a fun time together.  My boy laughed and laughed and laughed, wonderful times.









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5 thoughts on “Easter Hols Part 1

  1. I love having my boys home over the Easter holidays :) We’ve been on one easter egg trail hunt so far and we’re off on holiday to a different part of Cornwall on Monday, I can’t wait! Despite living in Cornwall, we don’t always visit the places an hour or so away, so will be good to do some more investigating of our beautiful county :)
    Stevie x


  2. The pics look like you all had fun. Easter, or any holiday, is really not that different to normal in this house. Where I home school we do trips, events, themed activities etc so it’s not as noticeable. But seeing the fun of the holidays is something I do miss as a family. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

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  3. Looks like you’ve had fun – its always nice to be able to spend some time together doing fun things in the holidays. Tires you out though! #bigfatlinky

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