My Weekly Happy List: Week 8

1. My boy getting his first ever reading certificate at school. Getting my boy to read hasn’t been easy. He really lacks confidence and rather than get something wrong he’d rather not do it at all. So we have worked really hard encouraging him at home to read just for 5-10 minutes a day. This week he read every evening so we could finish his reading chart and he got awarded his first teachers award for reading. So proud.


2. Being able to run again and completing two 5k runs! I’ve been out of action due to my asthma and illness for two weeks so I was really keen to get running again last week. I treated myself and brought a new pair of running trainers (long over due) which spurred me on even more as I couldn’t wait to try them.  I’ve got about 5 weeks until my first ever 10k run so I need to get cracking!


3. Spending time with my sister and family. My sister only lives about 40 minutes drive away but we don’t actually see that much of each other. My boy and my sisters little girl are really close and I love seeing them play together and enjoying each other’s company. My sister cooked a yummy roast and some chocolate fudge cake with ice cream finished the afternoon off nicely!

4. The clocks going forward. Although we have lost an hour I’m so pleased we are getting lighter evenings. This opens up the door to more time at the allotment and evening runs.

5. My hubby getting me a bouquet of flowers. Romance is officially not dead in our house! Spontaneously he came home from work with a gorgeous bunch of flowers. I love yellow and white flowers and my absolute favourite are yellow roses (so he did well!). My house feels so much like spring with all the gorgeous yellow flowers.  Shame about the weather outside right now!



6. Getting a skip.  Yes I’ve added a 6th item to my happy list this week! We have been talking about getting rid of all the rubbish, mainly in the garden, for ages, and this week my hubby arranged a skip so we could have a complete clear out.  The skip was full after a couple of hours! Amazing what you collect and put up with isn’t it! The garden looks a 100% better and bigger! All ready for me to start potting and planting.

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