The Garden & Allotment: Part 1

So today, instead of going out, we decided to stay at home and do some work in the garden and the allotment. Normally as Sunday’s is our only day where were all together, we go for a walk at the beach or go swimming, or something, but we decided a day at home was needed. It was lovely as we didn’t have to get ready to go anywhere, so we had some extra lazy morning chilling time. Now I’m not normally one for gardening, it’s just not my thing, but for sone reason I felt quite motivated. Last year we barely did anything with the garden or allotment because of being pregnant and then having a newborn, which kinda took up all our time!  So this year, it’s back on.  There’s nothing like eating your own home grown veg! And it’s a great activity to get the kids involved in outdoors.


I started on the front garden, as we had some herbs and primroses to plant. My baby girls nap time timed perfectly with this and my hubby took my boy up to the allotment, so I was able to crack on. The garden really needed some TLC, it still does, but I made a good start. I dug over the flower beds outside our front door and you could tell it hadn’t been touched for ages. There were so many stones in the soil, I don’t understand where they all came from! About an hour in, my boy appeared with hubby, he had got bored up at the allotment, so was coming to help me instead. Well, he had great fun finding all the worms in amongst the earth and put them together in a flower pot. He said the worms were a family and needed to be with each other, he’s so cute! I think I did an ok job with the primroses and herbs. It wasn’t long before my boy got bored of finding worms, so we had to go back in side, but it was a start and the garden looks a bit brighter.


After lunch we all decided to take a trip up to the allotment, it’s just a couple of minutes walk from our front door. We took the picnic rug and some snacks for the kids so they would be happy for a short while. The sun came out, so it was lovely and warm, perfect for an afternoon of digging! Now the allotment hadn’t been touched in ages so the weeds were absolutely huge! Back breaking work required! So me and the hubby got to work digging over the soil and pulling out the weeds. All the weeds went in to the chicken coop for our chicken (yes just the one) to peck through. Then when it’s all been pecked through my hubby will put any soil left over back in to the allotments soil.






All in all we managed about an hour and a half of digging.  We filled the wheelbarrow twice with weeds!  In between helping my boy find more worms and make them a house and making sure my baby girl didn’t eat too much soil! We honestly all had the best time and really achieved something. We have so much to do up at the allotment but we managed to dig about a quarter of the plot, which is about 30 metres long by 6 metres wide in total. Best of all we were all outdoors together enjoying the fresh air and sun.  I’m really excited about getting my boy more involved this year now he’s a bit older, and he already has his own seeds he wants to grow.

Next we’re going to start thinking about which vegetables we want to grow and plot out where to put them.  And my reward for today’s hard graft? A G&T with ice and a lime slice!


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21 thoughts on “The Garden & Allotment: Part 1

  1. A great way to spend a Sunday I think! You’re so lucky to have a garden (We live in a flat at the moment) and I can’t wait to be able to do some gardening with my daughter!

    Carolyn #mummymonday

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  2. Aaah you are truly a girl after my own heart! I LOVE gardening and it’s always so exciting bringing in food that we’ve grown in our little veggie patch!

    But you need to get a couple more chickens!! Your poor chuck must be very lonely! We have 4 and they’re so funny! It’s horrible when you introduce new birds, though, because there are always a few scuffles and fights until they sort out their pecking order. That said, your girl will be happier and you’ll have LOTS of lovely eggs! :)

    My treat at the end of a day’s gardening is also a G&T with lime!! :) Great minds… Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro |

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  3. Sometimes the simple days are the best days. We only moved into our house last April so was too busy doing other stuff to do anything other than tidy the garden up. We got out there a couple of weeks ago to do the spring tidy and now it’s ready. It’s actually looking really pretty right now as there were lots of tulips and daffs planted that we didn’t know about and they are blooming :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  4. It looks like you did some good work :) I love gardening, but currently don’t have a garden or allotment.. I particularly miss home-grown tomatoes and strawberries!

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  5. Wow … well done. I salute those who garden; I wouldn’t even know where to start from. Love the picture with the worm; it’s so lovely to get children involved in things like gardening, what a massive learning opportunity about nature, growth, team work etc. All the very best as you decide on what to plant. Thanks for sharing. #PointShoot

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