My Weekly Happy List: Week 7

1. Being poorly but getting to look after my two poorly babies. Sounds bizarre I know but even though we were all poorly (me & the two little ones) we were together and I was able to look after the kids (in between the coughing).

2. Finding a couple of great bargains on eBay. I decided I needed (and wanted) a couple of new tops for work. I found a couple of perfect second hand tops on eBay that were perfect and I was lucky enough to win the bids and they are perfect!

3. Having a hot bubbly bath. Simple, I know, but I actually managed to have a bath without the kids! Yes, I waited until they had gone to bed and decided I was going to have a bath. I ran it as deep as I could with some gorgeous radox bubbles! No interruptions. Perfect.

4. Going to the park with my sister and kids. My sister and I decided to take the kids to the park at the weekend as the weather was lovely and the sun was out! My sisters children are the same age as mine (bar a few months) and they all get along so well. It was so lovely seeing them all having such fun. And my little girl lived the swings! Think it’s only her second or third go in a swing!


5. Enjoying a day in the garden and allotment. Now those of you who read my blog will know I wrote a post about our day in the garden and at the allotment. The sun was out, the kids loved being outdoors and we managed to get some digging and planting done (in between finding worms!) – great!


Super Busy Mum

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