My Weekly Happy List: Week 6

1. Chilling with by boy on Saturday afternoon. Hubby took my baby girl to do the shopping (which he loves as he gets lots of attention!) whilst my boy and I curled up on the sofa under a blanket and watched a DVD. He doesn’t cuddle very much as he thinks he’s so grown up, so I made the most of him wanting to cuddle in. Precious moments.

2. Receiving my Mother’s Day cards from my boy and baby girl. Well done nursery and school! My boys arrived by post, which I thought was a lovely touch. The school took pictures of the children at the post box and posted them on their online school learning diary afterwards. He was do chuffed when he got home and saw the card had arrived.  I was very impressed with his writing inside, he’s coming on leaps and bounds.  I loved my baby girls hand prints as flowers card too! My first card from and made by her, so very special.


3. Hearing about what a lovely day my boy had had with his nanny and how good he was. They don’t get too many days out together now my boy is at school. My mum has helped look after my boy ever since he was born and when I went back to work, so they have a lovely bond. He really enjoyed spending the day with his nanny and brought a tear to my eye (and mums) when he said out loud ‘I love my nanny!’.

4. My hubby looking after me as I’ve been poorly with my asthma again. He really stepped up to the mark, taking on all the kids duties and looking after all of us.

5. Starting to think about continuing my MBA. It’s been years since I finished the first year (before kids) and work are encouraging me to pick it up again soon. It’s a conversation I found quite scary initially as I’ve only just gone back to work and I’m still only part time right now. Life is busy (crazy) enough, I thought. But I’m trying to look at it positively and that I have the support and opportunity to complete an MBA which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but life and children took over. We will see…

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