My Weekly Happy List: Week 5

1. Having a rare day home with my little baby girl. It was so lovely this week spending some quiet time at home. We sat on the floor together and just played and my baby girl was so happy and giggled. She was so happy all day and I had great fun making her laugh. At lunchtime I was playing silly buggers in the kitchen and she laughed so much she struggled to get any sound out. It was so funny! I feel like we re-bond every day we have together after the few days at work I’m away from her.

2. Catching up with some of my best mummy friends. I’m feeling so out of the loop since I went back to work, so it was great to catch up with some of my mummy friends this week. I did coffee at mine one morning with one of my friends. We had so much to talk about and she inspired me to sign up for my first 10k run! Then the next day I took my baby girl swimming with some other friends and their babies and we went for lunch afterwards.

3. Going for my first run in about 3 months! And it felt great! I just went for it one day and managed to run a lot further than I thought I could. I surprised myself actually. Because I’d left quite late the sun was just going down behind the horizon, it looked so pretty. By the time I got home though my ears were so cold they ached and my chest hurt. I felt so energised I even managed to do some sit ups too! That evening i took the plunge and booked on to my first 10k run. No going back now!

4. Arriving at our St Ives Hotel this weekend and my little boy saying ‘wow, I love this place’ and ‘it’s so beautiful’! He was so impressed with our hotel and our room, it was so cute. Everything must look so much larger and seem so much more exciting at his age. He was so amazed and kept saying ‘wow’ at everything and he thought his bed was wonderful. He really enjoyed eating in the hotel restaurant and behaved so grown up, I was so proud.  Both him and his sister were amazing.


5. Having a picnic on St Ives beach all cosy huddled together in the sunny breeze. My boy loved running bare footed across the sand playing in his own little world. St Ives is the most beautiful place. I’d forgotten how beautiful it was as we had not been there for a few years. Not since the kids. It was so special introducing our children to such a special place. I’m sure we will be returning not before long!


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4 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 5

  1. Awesome week!! St Ives looks amazing I’ve always wanted to go and it looks like you’ve had some wonderful family time :) Definitely a very happy list!

    Thanks for linking up to #Thelist xxx

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