My Weekly Happy List: Week 4

1. The greeting I received from my baby girl when I picked her up from nursery on Monday was amazing! Open arms, big cuddle and the biggest widest open mouth snot kiss!!  It’s so cute how she kisses now. She launches herself, mouth wide open, at your face all slobbery and snotty!

2. Playing ‘snap’ with my sons aeroplane cards before bedtime one evening. A precious 10 minutes of one to one time is worth it’s weight in gold. For some reason he always has to win or gets a real strop on. I don’t let him win every time though as he has to learn he can’t win every time! I love it when we get time for just the two of us. ‘Play with me mummy!’ He says, and I make sure I do.

3. Dancing around the kitchen to Def Leopard with my boy. We’ve always danced around the kitchen ever since my boy was born. It’s mainly my husband and my boy who do crazy dancing after dinner. It’s always been an after dinner thing. I love watching them dance and love it when my boy says ‘come on mummy, dance!’.

4. Walking on the beach with my family. We met my sister in law with her children at one of the local beaches for a walk. Met looked really sunny but it was so windy on the beach, my hands were freezing. I front carried my baby girl in the boba so I could cuddle her in and keep her snug. I love watching my boy running along the sand, so care free and happy. It did us all the world of good to get out and blow the cobwebs away (literally!).


5. Celebrating mine and my husbands anniversary with a relaxing home cooked meal and bottle of fizz. My husband surprised me this year with a personalised card, bottle if wine and flowers. It really cheered me up. He once again cooked us an amazing candlelit meal and it was lovely to have some romantic time just the two of us.




5 thoughts on “My Weekly Happy List: Week 4

  1. This is a really lovely idea, it’s great to stop to focus on the lovely moments amongst the busy times and will be so great to look back down the line- might have to give this a go! #thelist

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