My weekly happy list: week 3

This has been a bit more challenging this week as I’ve been so poorly again and down in the dumps. But as always my two children and hubby prevail so there’s always something happy to reflect on!

1. My husband brought me a lovely plaque for my kitchen. Itbsimply reads ‘being part of a family means you are part of something wonderful’. It really cheered me up and made me smile. Thank you hubby!!


2. My little girl has found her giggle! My little girl hasn’t been the most giggly baby especially not compared to her brother who giggled uncontrollably all the time from a really early age. But she at last has found her giggle. It’s so lovely and so special, especially when her big brother makes her laugh. So gorgeous.

3. Baking cupcakes and making homemade pizza with my boy. We don’t get much one to one time now I’m back to work and with his little sisters demands. But we had a great time together in the kitchen. We baked wonderful White chocolate and cherry cupcakes. Not me the best bits licking the leftover mixture in the bowl and on the spoon but my son prefers eating all the topping sprinkles. So we get along just great!!



4. My boy being off school all week on half term and enjoying lots of fun times. He’s been to the Cinema, to Woodlands (local theme park), to friends houses, swimming, a sleepover, etc. it’s been a super busy and fun packed week and I’ve got to spend lots of extra time with him!

5. Going for a lovely sunny walk with my little lady in our Boba 4g sling and I even managed to back carry on my own!! I made sure I hovered over the sofa whilst getting her in, just in case of a mishap, but I actually got her in quite easily in the end. I’d seen the videos on YouTube on how to do it but had never had the confidence to try it until now! We only went for a short walk but we really enjoyed getting out of the house in the sun and fresh air together.


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