My Weekly Happy List Week 2

1. Taking both my children swimming and it being a success. My boy said ‘what a lovely time swimming mummy, I love swimming with you’. It melted my heart. He was such a good boy. Very patient when he had to wait wrapped up in his towel whilst I dried and dressed his sister. Such a little star. He got a reward sticker on his chart that day!

2. My baby girls christening. We had such a lovely day with friends and family celebrating my baby girl. Despite being so disorganised due to illness the week leading up to the christening, it all went really well. I’m a bit sad it’s over really.

3. Returning home that first day back to work and my little boy running in to my arms and giving me a big hug and kiss. ‘Mummy!!’ He shouted as I got out the car and ran to me giving me such a big loving hug. ‘I missed you!’ He said. I missed him too.

4. The little ones having a bath together and my boy tickling my baby girls toes and making her giggle. I love watching them together. No one can make my baby girl laugh and smile as much as my boy.

5. Having a romantic valentines meal and evening with my hubby. Why don’t we do that more? It was so lovely cooking for just us and relaxing together. No telly, no iPad!


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