Feel Good Super Fruit Smoothie


So after a week in bed with flu, this morning I really fancied something super healthy and fresh to get my body going. So I made myself my Feel Good Super Fruit Smoothie. Something I’ve started to make in the mornings before I start the day. This one is super immune boosting too with all that loveliness from the kiwi and berries.

I have just invested in a smoothie maker which I have to say is great and well worth the buy. The one I got was about £20 from Amazon and is the Kenwood Smoothie 2go system. Perfect for my needs as someone who likes a fruit smoothie in the mornings fast and fuss free.

Preparation Time: literally a couple of minutes
Cooking time: zero! Just blitz!

What I used:

1 x banana
1 x Apple
1 x kiwi
Handful of frozen raspberries
Handful of frozen blueberries

I use frozen berries because there cheaper and last longer, great if you have regular smoothies and are on more of a budget. One box each of raspberries and blueberries, at a cost of £2 each from Tescos, will last me a couple of weeks worth of daily smoothies.

What I did:

Cut the banana into slices, peeled & cored the apple and cut this in to slices, peeled the kiwi and cut in to slices – popped this all in the smoothie maker. Then I added a small handful of frozen raspberries and frozen blueberries and added a tiny bit of water. Then blitzed for a minute – done!



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