Creating a link menu in your blog to group specific posts together

This will only be relevant to complete blogging beginners!!

Thank you to Rachel from WordPress Help for helping me with this. I had spent 2 days (almost solid) trying to figure out how I could separate my posts into specific topics, so readers didn’t have to scroll through all my posts to find what they wanted. I spent hours googling for help, reading WordPress forums, YouTube videos, etc. to no avail. I got so frustrated I wanted to give up! However after tweeting the WordPress team I got an almost immediate response and the help I was after!

The mistake I’d made is that I was trying to create a new menu to enable me to separate out posts under specific topics. What you actually need to do is create a category and add this category to your menu NOT create a new menu. Once you know how it’s so simple.

My specific example was that I wanted to create a food link at the top of my page so all my recipes were easy to find together in one place rather than in ‘my posts’ section which held all of my posts (not just food).

Here’s how you do it:

1. Ensure one of the categories assigned to the posts you want to show are what you want to name your link. I’m calling it a link not a menu so as not to confuse! For example I made sure all my recipes were categorised as ‘food’ as I wanted my link to be called ‘food’.
2. In your WordPress dashboard go to ‘appearance’ and then ‘menus’.
3. On the left you will see ‘categories’ click on the arrow on the right of this to open.
4. Find the category you want e.g food and click in the box to select it.  Then click ‘add to menu’.
5. Finally click in the box ‘primary menu’ at the bottom of the page and then click ‘save menu’.

Once you’ve done this all posts you have assigned the relevant category e.g food will appear in the link on your blog e.g food.

Once you’ve done it once you will see it’s quite simple, as I did. Wish I’d contacted WordPress before as I’d wasted to much time researching it myself. I know where to go in future!


10 thoughts on “Creating a link menu in your blog to group specific posts together

  1. Hi, thanks for this post, makes me feel better! I had the same issue, but also worked out another way using Pages as opposed to posts. Perhaps it is to do with what wordpress theme you use. I still get muddled, but it seems to work ok! One day we will be the experts! Love your blog. Donna x (TBH)

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