Working mum countdown day 12

I had a lovely day today with some of my mummy friends. We arranged to meet for lunch at one of the pubs in town and then go on to the ‘stay and play’ group at the local children’s centre. It was absolutely peeing down with rain today, one of those days when really all you want to do is stay in with a cup of tea and the fire lit. Anyway, off we went out in the rain to meet our friends and have some lovely mummy and baby time. I’ve met some really great mums whilst being on maternity leave. Some of them I met at pregnancy yoga (which I loved!) and some I met at the baby groups in the early days. All our babies were born within a few weeks, days or even the on same day. It’s been amazing seeing them all grow and develop over the last few months. And an honour to share all those ups and downs with others.

When we arrived at the pub it was still peeing down with rain. I was able to park in the pub car park so I decided not to put baby in the pram (to avoid taking up too much room in the pub) and carry her in. So I grabbed her bag and my bag and quickly ran from the car to the door with my baby in my arms. Why is there always so much stuff to carry? I thought to myself. We got there just as my friends arrived and sat on the big long table in the corner next to the fire (lovely). Amazingly the pub had enough high chairs for all six babies! I was very impressed. It was quiet when we arrived so it didn’t seem to matter that some of the babies were squealing. However quite a few couples soon arrived, obviously looking for that cosy corner to have a nice quiet lunch. You could see the look of dread as they looked over at our table of 6 babies! That used to be me, I thought to myself, so I understood their looks of disapproval in some way. In another way, it annoyed me. At one point a lady came up to us and asked if we could move the pushchairs so she could see the fire. Fair enough I suppose. Anyway we had a lovely lunch, chatting away about our little ones and how tired we all are.

My baby was pretty grumpy after lunch due to a lack of sleep, so I decided to drive around the block a few times to see if she’d have a quick nap before the stay and play group. Funny thing was a couple of my friends did the same thing so we ended up following and passing each other in our cars! The things we do! My baby took ages to fall asleep so I ended up parking up and sitting in the car for 10 minutes so she could sleep. I think she would have slept a while but I really wanted to join the mother and baby group as it was one of my last opportunities to do so. So I woke her up and took her in. She played lovely with the other babies, but kept checking I was there, looking up at me with those big blue eyes and grinning sweetly at me.

It always feels so lovely being with all the other mums and their babies. I’m going to miss days like this so much. I hope I stay in touch with them all and hope we stay friends. I’ve met some amazing mummy’s. I remember I met some lovely mummy’s when I had my first baby and lost touch with them after I returned to work. I feel like I’ve become part of a life of mummy friends, from the school and from baby groups. It’s a completely different life, far removed from my other life at work. I really hope I can cling on to part of it.


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