Working mum countdown day 16

Today we went to my friends sons birthday party. It was fancy dress so my boy donned his batman outfit that he got from Father Christmas. We’ve moved on from the pirate costume now, which I think he has worn to the last 4 parties! When we arrived we had that ‘OMG it is fancy dress isn’t it?’ moment, when the first kids we saw were not in fancy dress! But phew then in bounded the birthday boy in his very own batman costume, perfect. And off they both ran together, two bat men together. There’s always the worry at parties that your child won’t join in, especially when the only child they know is the birthday boy. But I was surprised and relieved to see my boy joining in as much as anyone, dancing and jumping around with the rest of the children. He even won one if the dancing games by dancing the best to ‘superman’ by Black Lace! Does anyone else remember dancing to this 20 years ago at kids clubs on caravan holidays?! ‘Clap your hands, ski, wave your hands, hitch a ride, etc…’ Bizarre it still does the rounds at party’s now. So love watching him joining in and having such a happy time. He was so pleased with his balloon sword he had made for him as a prize.

My baby girl meanwhile was not doing so well :( hardly cracked a smile whilst we were there and projectile vomited all over the floor! One minute I’m chatting away to my friend, the next minute my hubby is walking towards me with my baby projectile vomiting everywhere! So we all dashed to the nearest toilet and stripped her off realising we were the most unprepared parents ever for this, no wet wipes, no spare clothes! So she had to stay in her tights and vest (with sick on) and we hunted some wet wipes down to clean her. We all stank of sick for the rest of the party, joy. Meanwhile the sick was cleaned up by my friend and her mum. And it was not just a little bit, it was everywhere!! Why us?! I spent the journey home in the back of the car with my baby, both of us stinking of sick. Not sure what was wrong with her. She’s been waking up crying and coughing at night with seemingly nothing really wrong with her and she’s been sleeping a lot more than normal. Mmm might make an appointment with the doctor this week. That place has been like a second home to me the last few weeks we’ve been to the doctors so much!

Tomorrow I have another keeping in touch morning at work and my baby is at nursery again for another settling in session. I dug out my work bag this evening as I need to take my note book tomorrow. As I went through the contents of the bag I came across the receipt for the pram which I had collected on my last day of work from Mothercare. It seems like yesterday I came home that last day and hung my work bag in the under stair cupboard and that’s where it has stayed for almost 10 months. I don’t understand how 10 months has passed in such a flash. I shed a tear as I think back to how happy I was when I walked out that door from work for the last time before having my baby. I felt like I was walking on clouds. Elated and excited like a child. So I’ve packed my work bag, my babies bag and reminded my hubby what needs organising in the morning for my boy. For the first time I will be leaving the house before my boy goes to school. A little practice for us all for what is to come soon. So now I’m off to bed early and my alarms set for earlier than when the children wake. Not natural really but my new reality.


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