Working mum countdown day 25

So I’m missing my boy. Today was his first day back at school after a whole 16 days at home for the Christmas holidays. As I write this my baby is asleep having a nap and it is soooooo quiet!! Plenty to do, but I’m writing this!! So first I’m going to make up some stewed Apple and pear for baby as I’ve not made any for a while and we have some fruit to use up! Wheres my boy?? He’s normally clinging on to my legs begging for the apple peel to eat!Actually I need to use up some bananas so I’m going to google ‘banana cake’ to get some inspiration. I’ve made a banana cake/loaf before and there always so moist and tasty. Mmmm next recipe for my blog! I’ve not done a baking one yet and I’ve baked a lot whilst in maternity leave! Watch this space later this week!


Today straight after school we all went over to granny and granddads for granny’s birthday. My boy was looking forward to it as some of his cousins were going to be there and he loves spending time with family. For some reason the slightly older ones have started leaving him out of their play. Sometimes it’s almost as though my boy isn’t there. An example if this was this afternoon when they decided to play hide and seek. My boy joined in and found his hiding place behind the sofa. No one had realised he was joining in the game (I don’t even think he was invited to) and he stayed hidden for ages just waiting for someone to find him, but no one came. I noticed him hiding with a big grin of anticipation on his face completely unaware no one was looking for him. They had all run upstairs to start the game again. Poor little man. So I whispered to the eldest cousin ‘I think (my boy) is hiding too’ so off he went to find him. I also noticed when we were all saying our goodbyes he didn’t get a hug so I stepped in and said ‘what about (my boy) I think he wants a hug too?’ And they hugged him and he hugged them back. I’ve noticed the two older cousins (6 and 9 years old) leave my boy out of their play (my boy is 4 1/2). This has gradually happened over the last 6 months or so. Is this normal, as children get older they leave younger ones out?? Breaks my heart. We asked my boy if he’d had a good time and he said ‘no’ but wouldn’t say why. Is he aware he is left out? Has he noticed? Had he noticed me stepping in? Makes me so sad for him reflecting on and writing this.

So tonight I filled out all the nursery paperwork we were given yesterday. ‘What does you child like to eat?’ Er everything. ‘What is your child’s favourite toy?’ Definitely her white rabbit comforter. ‘What does you child like when they are upset?’ To which my husband says ‘her mothers boob!’ It’s very weird filling this all out again. Seems like yesterday it was My boy. That would have been 4 years ago. Wow. So I’ve finished filling out her ‘about me’ form (with gorgeous smiley picture!), signed all the consent forms and read about how they will make starting at nursery as smooth a transition as possible for both mother and child. No matter what they do this will be hard. Probably more for me, not my baby. She is going to have a fab time.


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