Working mum countdown day 26

My boys happy lunch today

Today I found the most inspiring blog thanks to its writer finding and following me! Lexi, if you read this I think you are truly inspiring and an amazing mummy. I can’t imagine the heartbreak you have been through. You are so strong. I see how lucky I am. So I have to go back to work, so what?? I have two perfectly healthy children which I am truly grateful for. Reading some other people’s blogs and stories has made me put things in perspective somewhat. How amazing is blogging and how amazing is writing!! Therapy for us all!! I’m glad I have found this world of truly inspiring writers.

So we went to see the nursery today for the first time with my baby. This is the nursery connected to my work and the nursery my boy went to for 3 years, so is well known to us. It’s lovely as some of the same girls are there so it’s familiar to me. We all went, my boy as he doesn’t go back to school until tomorrow and my hubby, as he wanted to meet my babies key carer. It was great taking my boy, so many of them remembered him so it was nice for them to see him all grown up. I’m sure my boy didn’t really remember them, but he knew where we were. It was weird being back with a new baby. This place was like a second home to my boy when he went there. The atmosphere still felt good, it was so reassuring for all of us. My baby sat in the room with toys quite happily playing away. She sat on the lap of the girl who will be her key carer and ate a snack, and didn’t batter an eye. She seemed so at home and relaxed it was lovely and sad at the same time (if you know what I mean). There was a boy there whose face seemed familiar to me. Then I found out his older sister was in my boys group when he was there. Strange to think they are at school now and this is the second generation coming through. Must be lovely for the nursery to see siblings coming through and the same families returning with their new additions.

We are going back on Thursday for another settling in session. I will be leaving my baby for an hour with them then. Going by today I have no doubt she will be fine. I think she will love it there and thrive, just like her brother. So proud of him. He’s come so far in just 12 months since being at nursery. How he has grown in to such a wonderful little boy. We’ve done something right. He’s a credit to us.


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