Working mum countdown day 28



This morning we all lay in bed together all four of us together snuggled up all cosy. This is one of my favourite things in the world to do. Normally my boy will wake up first and come in to our bedroom with his blanket still in his mouth and he climbs in to bed between my hubby and I and cuddles in. Then my baby will wake up and I feed her in the bed. We keep the lights off and lie there as long as the children will let us. Sometimes we watch TV, not always the children’s programmes, sometimes the cooking programmes, which my boy loves. I lay there this morning and realised there’s only two more mornings like this, where we can lie in bed and not have to rush off anywhere.  My boy starts school again and my hubby goes back to work in a couple of days. Then swimming lessons start again. Then I’m back to work in 4 weeks. So this time is precious and I’m clinging on to it dearly.

Sometimes I love getting up and being able to potter around in my dressing gown for as long as I want. I didn’t get dressed until 11am this morning. Heaven. I played with my boy, both of us in our pyjamas still, and he laughed and giggled and it was wonderful. I feel so close to him right now. Our bond is so strong, stronger than ever. He is wonderful, a pleasure to be with and I have loved spending all this extra time with him, every single second. I really worry that when I go back to work we won’t be as close and I won’t have the time or energy to play with him. And then we’ll start to drift apart. How do I keep our relationship strong? How can I stop work from affecting our time together? I don’t want to get tired and grumpy again.

I’ve got 28 days to go and during this time I need to figure out how it’s going to work, meals, play time, school, nursery, etc. how I’m going to balance it all and still maintain a wonderful and quality relationship with my children. At this point I don’t actually know what days/hours I’m doing. I’ve not heard from work yet so it’s still up in the air at the moment. I don’t even know what I really want to do. I wish things were more clear in my mind. There’s so much we want to do financially this year which means me working as much as possible, but my heart is 100% at home…..with the children…!!  I just want to pause time.  I’ve said it before but I really wish I could, I’m having the best time of my life right now.


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