Perfect pancakes


Tonight we had one of my boys favourite dinners, pancakes! ‘Yeah mummy’s doing pancakes!’ He says.  Pancakes are super easy, quick and cheap to make. Perfect for those lunches or dinners where you’ve got nothing organised. All you need is flour, eggs, milk and water. Pancakes made from your own batter are so much nicer than ready made too. My boy loves helping me make these so it can be a good activity to do with little ones.  We make some of ours with pancake shapers, which can be great fun for kids. We have a star, heart and flower which are from the Jamie at home range, and don’t cost much.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: about 10 minutes (depending on how many you want!)

What I used:

6 oz plain flour
300 fl oz whole milk
3 x eggs
100 fl oz water
A little coking oil or butter for frying

Pancake shapers (optional – mine are from the Jamie at home range)

What I did:

Literally just put everything in a large mixing bowl and whisked together! And then fried the pancakes in a pan. I used a small frying pan as we like ours smaller.


image image image image


We enjoy ours savoury with baked beans. Yes baked beans. Trust me they are yummy!! My boy and baby love them.



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