Working mum countdown day 30

Happy new year! Our new family 2015 planner arrived today. There’s room for all of us to have our own column so we know what we’ve all got on when. Super! And it’s a Gruffalo one too which my boy loves! We are going to have fun putting all the stickers in later! We are going to be super busy this year so this is definitely needed!


Well today we took down the Christmas decorations, so sad this lovely holiday season is over. My boy cried when we took the tree down. We have let him keep his little tree in his room until he’s back at school, as a sweetener. ‘Why are we taking the decorations down mummy? It hasn’t snowed yet?!’ He said.So so sweet, he thinks it must snow at Christmas. Too many Christmas movies portraying a white Christmas me thinks! Bless him. Too warm here in the south west for snow! He actually ended up helping us, taking the baubles off the tree quite happily in the end (maybe because he gets to keep his a little longer).


After we took the Christmas decs down we all went off to the beach for some fresh sea air and a long walk to cheer us up. It was gorgeous out today, the sun was out and it was warm. We walked down to the beach across the cliff path and then down on the beach splashing in the waves and letting them chase us. My boy loves that game. He got water in his boots as always! Then we headed up the cliff path again enjoying the gorgeous views across the bay. We all felt so much better for getting out. The house felt strange when we got back, empty some how. A lot tidier that’s for sure! There gets a point when you are actually glad to put the Christmas decorations away for another year!


There’s a few days left until my boy goes back to school so we’ve still got some fun to have. It’s his last school holiday with me being on maternity leave. It’s so lovely being here for him without having to worry about work. I’ve been so lucky. I think my boy loves having me around more. It’s probably going to affect him much more than my baby, when I go back to work. 30 days to go…..


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