Reflect on 2014 idea/game

I think I came across a similar idea to this on facebook but this is my own version of a good way to reflect on the past year as you enter the new. It’s tempting to get all sad as christmas passes and another year ends but this idea will keep you remembering all the good things that happened in the most lovely way.

Reflect on 2014 game:

Step 1
Write down 20 things and/or moments/memories that have made you smile/happy during the year.
Write each one on a separate piece of paper, fold and put in a sealed box or jar.  Thinking of 20 is easier than you think but you could aim for 10 first and see how you go.
Example of one of mine – watching my boy run bare footed on the sand when we were in holiday in cornwall

Step 2
Ask your partner, husband, sister, mum, granny, etc. to do the same – you can include as many people as you like

Step 3
On New Year’s Day sit down together and take turns taking a slip of paper from the box. Read it out loud and reminisce together.

My hubby and I have done this with a bottle of champagne as a way to remember and celebrate the last year. You realise how many great moments there have been and how many happy memories you have.

You don’t need to save this game for new year, you can play it any time to cheer yourself up!!


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