New Years Simple Slow Roasted Beef

We love a good old roast in my house and it’s been a week since Christmas dinner so I think we can stomach this now!! This is an easy classic for roast beef guaranteed to satisfy that winter hunger. Cooked slowly on a low heat guarantees a tender succulent meat joint.


Preparation time: 10’minutes
Cooking time: 3 1/2 hours + 1 hour resting

What I used:

0.75kg of beef brisket (just right for 4 people)
4 x cloves of garlic
Olive oil
2 x bay leaves
Salt & pepper
1 xpint beef stock
2 x onions


To accompany:

All the trimmings, roast potatoes and veg
Yorkshire pudding is a must

Gravy made from the stock




What I did:

I smothered the beef in olive oil and slit some holes in the top and side. Then filled the holes with the garlic and bay leaves. Then I seasoned with salt and pepper and popped in the oven on high at about 200c for 30 minutes. Then I took the beef out the oven and added the beef stock and onions and covered the beef in kitchen foil. The oven was turned down to approx 100c or just higher and the beef left to slow cook for 3 hours. You need to cook for approx 1 hour per 0.25kg of meat. Then take the meat out of the oven and leave to rest for a good hour. Whilst the meat is resting cook your roast potatoes, Yorkshire pud and veg.  Also, use the stock the beef was cooked in as the base for your gravy.





Please see my ‘hubby’s Yorkshire pud’ recipe for perfect yorkshires every time.


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