Working mum countdown day 33

Spent the day with my sister and her children today. Our children are very close in age and get on really well which is lovely. Her baby boy who has started crawling fell of the bed on my watch today whilst my sister went to the bathroom. Bad aunty!! He was so quick there was nothing I could do but watch his little legs disappear over the edge of the bed. He landed right on his head with a Big Bang! I ran as fast as I could round the bed to rescue him shouting ‘oh my god!’ and scooped him up in my arms. He was ok, but I felt really bad. I felt so awful as I said I would keep an eye on him but he was just so fast! I’m not used to a mover you see, as my baby is not moving, well apart from rolling. My first didn’t move until he was over year. I could sit him down surrounded by toys and he would be happy just sat playing for ages. My baby girl doesn’t seem that interested in moving either. Some would say I’m lucky. Less likelihood of falling off beds!

So after my trauma of letting my nephew fall off the bed, off we all went to one of those indoor soft play areas, which is right by my sisters. This place was buzzing with children from babies up to 6 year olds. Straight away I spotted this noticeably bigger boy jumping on and bumping in to all the other children. There’s always one wild one at these places just left to their own devices. ‘Where’s the parents’ my sister and I said to each other. ‘Did you see that, that boy just jumped on that kid’ my sister said. Then the guy next to us holding a baby pipped up and said ‘sorry that’s my boy’. This poor man (yes I felt sorry for him) was there by himself with 3 boys, a baby, an 18 month old and a 6 year old and to say he had his hands full was an understatement! This boisterous boy latched on to my boy and cousin following them everywhere, shouting in their faces and jumping on them continuously. I felt really sorry for my boy who obviously didn’t want this boy following him around as he was happily playing with his cousin, but he was too kind to say. I said to him to just say ‘no thank you’ if he didn’t want to play with this boy. He tried bless him but he’s just too nice!

It’s been lovely spending so much time with family and friends over the Christmas holiday and over my maternity leave. I really am so lucky to have all my family close by (but not too close!). I will miss having all this time with loved ones when I go back to work. Not sure how I’m going to fit everything and everyone in. Quality time is so important. We ordered our 2015 family planner today so we can start organising. We will all be so busy with hubby’s business, my boy at school, my baby at nursery and me going back to work. A one page calender isn’t enough anymore, we all need our own page!! Bring it on!! I don’t know what I would do if I had 4 kids!! How do people do it??!!


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