Hubby’s prawn, avocado and bacon salad

This salad really is sooooooo yummy and light and refreshing, just what we needed after lots of very filling christmas food. What really makes this dish is the crunchy flaked bacon sprinkled on top, absolutely gorgeous!!


I would say this whole dish takes no longer than 15 minutes to cook/prepare all together.

What he used:

1 x bag of frozen prawns (he defrosted these in a bowl in the fridge in the day)
1 x jar of thousand island sauce (any will do)
2 x avocados
1/2 iceberg lettuce
1/2 cucumber
1 x lemon
3 x rashers of smoked bacon


Crusty granary bread with butter to accompany

What he did:

Hubby started by frying the bacon and then popping this in the oven on high to crisp up. He made the salad by mixing thinly sliced iceberg lettuce, cucumber, onion and avocado together in a large salad bowl. The prawns were mixed together with the thousand island sauce in a separate bowl. To serve the prawns were spooned on top of the mixed salad with a squirt of fresh lemon and the crumbly crunchy bacon sprinkled on top. Mmmmmm yum yum.


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