Working mum countdown day 35

Met with a good old friend today for lunch. Took My baby girl along as the boys wanted some ‘boy time’ and She had been a bit scratchy so think they wanted the peace! So of we went, just the girls, to do ladies that lunch (we do that well now!). With the good intention of having a salad Of course I ordered the lamb shank with roast potatoes! I seem to have lost all self control over Christmas. None of us could face the turkey pie tonight so that’s saved for tomorrow (recipe to follow). It’s going to be hard work being good again. God I need some fresh healthiness! I’d only just lost my baby weight too. I’ve been going to the gym 3 times a week and cutting out a lot of naughty food. My one aim is to get back into my work clothes. I’ve just added a few more pounds to lose now! I’m eating chocolate and drinking wine as I write this!



My friend is in a completely different place to me. She is about to embark on studying again with a pre degree course this year and a degree from September full time. She had 3 years off after having her second child and very fortunate to be able to do this. I studied and got promoted before and in between my two children. How I would have loved a who,e 3 years with my little ones! Oh envy! But this is not an option for me. Besides the fact we need the money, it’s a good secure job that I worked hard to get and I would be stupid to give it up.

I’ve been thinking about feeding my baby this evening. Ive been breastfeeding her for the last 8 months which I have been very pleased with as I couldn’t breastfeed my first. A real achievement. I’m not sure how it’s going to work when I go back to work as I can hardly express an ounce. I’m guessing because she won’t yet be 12 months I’ll be needing to use a formula milk, which I didn’t want to do but probably won’t have a choice. Another stage in her development and another change for me.

The boys have had a lovely time today together, I’m glad they have had this extra quality time over the holiday season. I’ve left them upstairs as I write this, watching the Gruffalo cuddled up in bed together, in the dark all cosy. So cute together.

Life’s full of achievements and changes. But sometimes I could hold a moment in time to live over an over forever. Couldn’t you?? If I could I would stop the clock right now.


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