Working mum countdown day 37

Fresh air! Today we went for a long overdue walk on the beach to blow the Christmas cobwebs away. Today was a lot fresher than the previous rainy warm days, so we all put our winter warmers on. Although cold, the sun was out and the sea looked glorious. We walked right to the end of the beach almost as far as the eye could see. It felt like we were the only ones on the beach. The beach is vast and long, tonnes of space to enjoy and the low sun in the sky made it seem even more beautiful. We all needed the exercise after 3 days of Christmas feasting. It was lovely to see my boy running along the pebble beach in the sun, drawing lines in the sand, following foot prints and collecting stones. Ive come back with pockets full again. It made us all feel better. So lovely spending all this time together. We’re really making the most of the Christmas holiday this year. In a funny way it still feels like Christmas and my boy doesn’t seem to be losing the Christmas spirit, which keeps us all going. Sometimes it can feel so depressing after Christmas, but for some reason we’re all still feeling a bit festive. So lovely, let it last I say.

When we got home we were all cold and hungry, so we lit the open fire and cooked up some Christmas bubble and squeak. Then we all settled down and watched a movie, some family chilling out time in the cosy warm. With the Christmas tree still looking Christmassy in the corner of the room.


So as Christmas time comes to a close, my thoughts are returning to work. I still haven’t agreed my return to work arrangements and there’s only just over 4 weeks to go. I would like to reduce my hours at least temporarily as I don’t see how I will manage full time with two children, one at school, one at nursery, and the long commute. Emotionally and maternally I don’t want to go back full time. In fact I don’t want to go back at all. But I’ve accepted I have to (just about). They seem to be putting the pressure on me to go back full time but I just can’t do it and hardly see my children. Priorities have changed big time. A new chapter in all our lives, we will all have to adjust. For now I’m enjoying every single precious moment with my little ones. So this week we will keep things busy, meeting friends, family, going out as much as we can.

4 weeks…..not long at all……wish I could live these last 9 months all over again. I’d do it all again in a flash.


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