Quick babies favourite stewed fruit pud

I’ve still got time to whip up some stewed fruit pud for baby. Fruit pots from the supermarkets are great too especially for convenience if out and about and can be chucked in the babies bag with a spoon. However homemade adds texture for baby to enjoy and you can add whatever fruit you like. I also just chuck this in the bag in one of those small plastic pots.

Today I’ve made apple and mixed berries. To do this I used:


3 x peeled and cored apples (I used the royal gala variety)
1 x cup of water
A handful of frozen mixed fruit (cheaper and easy to use, available from the supermarkets frozen foods section and ideal when fresh berries are out of season)

I’ve used other fruit too, pear for example is also great. Just add whatever you like!

First of all I stewed the apple in the water until soft, then I added the handful of mixed berries and mushed it all down with a folk. You could purée for younger babies but my baby is 8 months so can handle the rougher texture.

preparation time: 5 mins

cookung time: 10 mins

This really is so quick and easy to make and the amount I’ve made will last in the fridge for a good few days and provide baby with approx 4 – 5 servings. My baby loves stewed fruit and its a winner at tea time or lunch and packed full of goodness.







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