Working mum countdown day 40

Such a lovely run up to Christmas this year, it’s been non stop, so busy. I will have to take some time off next year so I can still enjoy the run up to christmas as it makes it all the more special. Today is Christmas Eve and all of a sudden it’s upon us and our hopes for a relaxing and quiet Christmas Eve are dashed. It’s seems five minutes ago we had weeks to prepare. Our Christmas tree was put up 4 weeks ago!! Such a lot of preparation and money spent for just one day. And now it’s a rush, but an exciting rush.

For me it’s a quick (haha) stop to town for some last minute bits and bobs. For hubby and the kids it’s off to sister in laws for Christmas present drop off and to see all the cousins. Joshua loves spending time with his cousins so I know it won’t be a just a quick present drop off, there’s going to be some playing and laughing too! Still I’m mad when they’re late, still so much to do!

The town had such a lovely feeling about it. Everyone happyily going about they’re Christmas shopping. The shops were absolutely buzzing with Christmas anticipation and joy. I quite enjoyed walking in the winter sun running my little errands whilst children free. So much easier. Then I’m picked up, my list completed and off back home to make hampers, wrap presents and leave for my mums, all within the hour! And we thought we were so organised! The house needless to say was abandoned like a bomb had hit it, but we could deal with that later.

This year we gave hampers to the grandparents and not only did they include the hubby’s usual joys of christmas pud and pickled unions, they also included my homemade chutney and jam. Nice to do these things whilst I can. Hope they like them. I think I need more practice. I do so enjoy playing the domestic goddess.

We had a wonderful time at mums, with my sister and her children and my brother. My boy absolutely loves spending time with the wider family especially his cousins. They played completely happily the whole time, so lovely and sweet together, both on their best behaviour. Hubby got some gorgeous cuddles with our baby girl. Lovely to see. I think he was quite reluctant to pass her over to an eager nanny and aunty for their cuddle time!

Wow what a feast mum had prepared! She loves hosting family get togethers, now she is a nanny and even more so at christmas when we’re not all together on Christmas Day, which I know she would love. But we had a fantastic Christmas Eve feast and the children had a brilliant time. They were so besides themselves with excitement about Father Christmas coming. How lovely it must be to be in their world right now. It’s such a privilege as a parent to witness them in their world. Especially at Christmas time.

This evening felt so magical at home with our little ones. This is the first Christmas my boy has really got excited and believed and talked about it. ‘Father Christmas is coming tonight!!’ He says. We leave Father Christmas and his reindeers their treats by the fire, watch ‘the snowman’ and read ’twas the night before Christmas’. I want to bottle up the feeling I have at this moment in time. What a magical Christmas Eve.




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