Working mum countdown day 47

Feeling festive today. Am so glad I decided to take an extra month off so I can really enjoy christmas and not have it overshadowed too much by returning to work. It’s still closer than I would like to admit though. Just round the corner now. I’m going to make sure I make the most of these last few weeks and spend as much time as possible with my babies. We are going to have a fantastic christmas!!

The house is looking and feeling super festive. The Christmas tree is gorgeously Nordic with lots of pretty lights glowing away warming our cosy little lounge. Decorating the tree is one of my favourite family moments. I just adore watching my hubby lift my son high to put the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. Wonderful. I’m loving all the Christmas colours, reds, golds, greens and Browns, warming our modest home. We’ve finished things off this year with a few extra lights for around the mirrors and some super fancy outside lights and even a Christmas tree outside the front door (all thanks to my hubby), that all shout ‘we love Christmas and we’re excited!!’. My boy is so proud of his decorated home. He has got really in to it this year, helping make decorations and making his own cards. He can write his own name in the cards now, so amazing. I hope I have time to do all this with him next year. It’s wonderful just watching him enjoy getting involved and contributing in his own way.

Christmas tree!
Christmas tree!
Christmas colours warming our home
Christmas colours warming our home
Homemade snowman for bunting
Homemade snowman for bunting

We watched my boys school nativity today and he was a wise man. Lacking time and skill I ordered him a costume online. A striking blue Cape and golden crown complemented my boys gorgeousness completely. We all left super early to ensure we had that prime positioned front row seat. How bright and confident he looked as he came out to perform. A million miles away from his pre-school shyness last year. He smiled and beamed as proud as I felt, not fazed by the audience of eager onlookers. As the nativity songs were sung I found myself singing along. For weeks my boy has been singing these songs at home, they are so familiar to me now. He grinned and waved to us looking so happy we were all there to see him, mummy, daddy, little sister, nanny and one of his cousins. I know my mum (nanny) was chuffed to bits to be there and see her grandsons nativity. Such special moments are important to share.

In the back of my mind work is always there though. I’m thinking about it more and more every day the closer I get to my return. I’m resenting it trying to tarnish my last few weeks. I don’t want to miss any of these precious moments. I don’t want my son to see I’m missing any of these precious moments. I have to be there for him as much as I can be now, I just have to.


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