Working mum countdown day 97

As I made my homemade fish pie I thought to myself how lovely it is to be able to make a home cooked meal as the children play happily in the other room. There won’t be that many opportunities like this when I’m back at work. I actually don’t know how I am going to do it. Mealtimes will have to be like a well oiled machine planned and organised well in advance. How leisurely my life feels at the moment. Even though the house permanently looks like a bombs hit it I have time to do some of the things I love, cooking, baking, knitting, writing blogs, etc. The ability to look after my home and family above everything else is wonderful. How lucky am I ?

Met some of my mummy friends today. Another nice perk of maternity leave, all these mothers meetings over coffee or lunch. Some are returning to work like me, counting the days, like me. Others are lucky enough to not have to go back to work (lucky cows). Am soooooo jealous ! The reality of returning to work is becoming closer. As I get my boy ready for school I wonder what it will be like when I can’t do that every day. He needs me there, right? As I dropped him off at school today he went to sit at one of the computers but got told abruptly he couldn’t by one of the other children. I of course step in (as he starts to walk away) and tell the other child he can and I make sure he does. Mrs protective mother looking after her boy! If I hadn’t been there he wouldn’t have stuck up for himself but I guess he will have to learn to. Life’s lessons learnt every day. Yesterday we nearly had tears as I dropped him off at school. Boy clung to my leg tightly and said ‘please don’t leave me here mummy’. Broke my heart. The teacher in the end had to come over and pull him away from me distracting him with an activity. So sad. That’s what schools about, I guess he needs to toughen up. Sad really, my sweet, soft little boy needs to grow up! All change.

My baby still won’t nap during the day. I was lucky with my boy who slept all the time, yes ALL the time. He had at least two long naps of at least two hours (sometimes four) during the day and slept all night. Lucky me! But I’m lucky if I get half an hour a day when I’m at home this time round. 15 minutes it was the other day. Just enough time to fold up some washing. Ooh lucky me!! She’s much better if we’re out actually and sleeps quite well in the car or pram. It’s enough to get me out of the house at least, the thought of her having a sleep. So much to do today at home though, if she will let me! Precious precious time though, so making the most of it.


Stick up for yourself my boy!!
Stick up for yourself my boy!!

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