Working mum count down day 100

Chuffed to bits with my homemade blackberry cake. Lovely warm with double cream! Diet slightly out the window today! Blackberry picking is something we love to do. My boy loves eating them straight from the bramble. I’m slightly less worried about washing them first as it looses some of the appeal for my boy and therefore incentive to walk. So we let him. In Ended up breastfeeding my baby half way down the field in the blazing sun. Far from ideal but you manage don’t you? Got a lovely lot of blackberries. Plenty for a cake, a crumble and some for freezing. I also made some jam today from plums my hubby brought from one of the houses in the lanes. This was my second jar of plum jam which is already disappearing. Mmmm yum. May try to save this one for a Christmas present.

Soaking the blackberries to  Wash out all the bugs!
Soaking the blackberries to
Wash out all the bugs!

It’s so lovely to find my inner domestic goddess and have the time to some if these charming things. I’ve made jam in the past but not for a long time. I even entered the village show this year. God how old do I sound?! Never thought I would see the day. But off I went with my Victoria sponge and raspberry jam, actually believing i could get a rosette! But I never even got runner up, how disappointing. I’m obviously more competitive than I realised as I was actually gutted! At least I’ve checked out the competition for next year!

My yummy homemade plum jam
My yummy homemade plum jam

I have to laugh. How different my life is at the moment compared to when I am working. Life’s all about my family and home life at the moment. I love it. Never thought I would, but I do. This time of focus on my children and home is so precious. I cherish every day. I’m a million miles away from my other life in an office dealing with senior professionals and their many complex issues. I love my job, always have done, but I think I love this current life a little more. Ok, a lot more. At the moment.

It’s been a privilege being around for my boys first day at school. When for others it is a given. It’s great being here for my boy as well as looking after my new baby. How smart my boy looked on his first day at school. The one and only time he will look so pristine and perfect in his school uniform. He was so proud of himself as he walked to school, book bag in hand. Love him. This moment in our lives only slightly tainted by the fact he was the only boy wearing a red jumper when all the others wore blue. Why didn’t someone tell me? (Have ordered a blue one now). Hate that he might feel different to everyone else. Blending in at school was so important for me when I was at school. There was a slight tear in my eye as I left him on that first day. Such a moment in our lives. My boy, of course, completely oblivious to the significance. It’s a new chapter in his life and mine. A learning curve for all of us. I don’t know what I’m doing when he brings his first book home in his book bag. Surely he can’t read after just one day??!! Luckily we have a parents training afternoon on how to help teach your child to read and write. How different it is to when I was at school. He even came home with a self portrait he did on a computer and he can use a mouse……he’s four….what the hell?

My boys smart school shoes, still clean!
My boys smart school shoes, still clean!

I really cannot keep up with the speed my children are developing. It’s so scary. And I’m privileged enough to enjoy it every day at the moment. Imagine how quickly it’s going to pass when I’m back at work? 100 days to go…


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